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Ellie, a life-sized metal elephant, on permanent display at the Atlanta Zoo.


We specialize in large scale sculpture that elevates outdoor spaces, commercial spaces, or any place that needs a grandiose focal point.

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← Ellie the life-sized metal elephant is permanently on display at Zoo Atlanta. She is made of thousands of hand forged and formed steel pieces, with several interactive moving parts. Check her out in the Savannah exhibit on your next visit to the zoo!

Architectural Metalwork

Make your home or commercial space extraordinary. We design to fit your style, whether it's a lovely traditional railing or a completely original take on home embellishment. Contact us today to learn how we can create something that is a perfect fit for your space.

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Unique Custom Lighting

Elevate your illumination to the level of art with our original custom lighting.

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← The Galaxy Chandelier is a custom metal and glass light fixture that is on permanent display at the Morehead Planetarium & Museum of Science in Chapel Hill, NC.

Handmade Home Goods, Furniture and Hardware

Custom items for functional and aesthetic purposes such as furniture, fireplace tools, hooks, hangers, hardware and more.

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