Darling Metals is a sculptural and ornamental ironwork company based in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. 

We design, build and install finely handcrafted pieces in bronze, iron, steel, and stainless steel, including:

- Custom gates and railings

- Sculptures of all sizes

- Chandeliers and artistic light fixtures

- Thoughtful memorials

- Furniture, hardware and other home goods

- Original art & Custom design services

Check out our limited online collection of unique, quality ironwork for gifts and décor, or get in touch to inquire about commissioning a special custom project of your very own.

Meet the Team

Chelsea Darling

Owner & CEO

Owner and lead craftsperson of Darling Metals. Chelsea combines a long history in commercial art & design with extensive experience in metal fabrication, machining, forging and finishing to create high quality, original works of art.

Mackenzie Martin

Mackenzie Martin is a dedicated artisan in the blacksmithing field with extensive training in traditional forging through the American College of Building Arts, and on the job with top-tier sculptural blacksmiths across the country. His work is strongly rooted in historical methods and knowledge, but uses caricatures and forms to express emotions that are timeless and universal.

His largely figurative work expresses ideas that are relatable to the general public, while educating about the surprisingly malleable and transformable nature of steel. Many of his works show the marks of force captured in the skillfully formed surfaces and shapes. They express ideas that are appreciable on emotional, technical, and aesthetic levels.

Mackenzie lends his extensive experience to planning, building, and perfecting the works that are produced at Darling Metals.

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