Our Process

Step One: Initial Consultation

With a short interview, we gather all the necessary information to design and build the custom project of your dreams. Book your 30 minute free consultation session now to get your project rolling!

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Step Two: Design & Engineering

We provide any additional services you may need or want to solidify the details of your project, including:

- Design Drawings

- In-situ Renderings

- Engineered Drawings/3D Modeling

- Prototypes/Physical Models

- Finish Samples

- Historical Research

- Additional Consultation (our construction, fabrication and design consultants are ready to help with the technical questions)

Not all projects require these services. But when you do need to meet exact specifications or have a specific vision in mind, we have the expertise and services to craft a design & build plan that is perfect for you.

Whatever you pay for design and engineering gets credited to the cost of your production contract. It's basically paying up front for a portion of the work, which makes it easier to track the cost and be decisive about how much you want to invest in each part of the project. By breaking the process into two organized phases and creating a clarified design & build plan before production begins, we can also ensure the build is as efficient and accurate as possible.

Step Three: Production Agreement

We send you a digital contract that lays out all the important details of your project such as timeline, specifications, cost, terms and warranty.

We discuss and define the agreement with you to get the details just right.

Sign digitally with a few clicks online and your project begins!

Hot metal in power hammer dies, forging metal art.

Step Four: Production

We fabricate your vision, keeping you updated with progress along the way.

If you need pickup, delivery, or installation services, we coordinate with you or additional service providers to get the project where you need it, when you need it.

Step Five: Review

Our promise is excellence. All projects come with a warranty that ensures we’ll get it right, or make it right. Guaranteed.

One of the ways we ensure excellence is by following up after the completion of a project with a survey about your experience. Let us know how we did, if any other services are needed, and how we can continue to serve you in the future.

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