Artist Talk on the Atlanta BeltLine 7-13-23

New breakthroughs are surfacing in the field of temporal exploration.

A culmination of experimental work in time travel and topological research, local artist-scientist Chelsea Darling has unveiled a revolutionary device to permit controlled flight through time. Chronos One, as the device has been named, is a timeship that now resides on the Atlanta BeltLine.

This towering futuristic structure features a state-of-the-art crystalline hull that provides both orientation and safety in temporal flight. At the heart of this art-engineered structure is an unprecedented energy source: an oscillating resonator crystal. This mesmerizing gem harnesses fourth dimensional movement, a scientific advancement that opens unprecedented new possibilities for humanity. “It’s not technically new technology, but it is a new way of imagining it. Sometimes repurposing a wheel gets us further than reinventing it,” explains Darling.

Though this timeship has officially been in development for six months, engineering started for many years prior. “I’ve been seeing influences from my future self to guide me through the development of this technology for quite a while now. That’s how most folks in this field get started: there is a point at which every chronoscientist travels back to ensure that the work gets created by influencing their own past.”

The first public launch of Chronos One will take place on February 13th at 7pm-8pm, with an artist talk and forum with Chelsea Darling to follow. The timeship and the artist talk is on the Westside BeltLine trail at this location.

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